Angono pays tribute to its two national artists

The Municipality of Angono, Rizal headed by Hon. Aurora A. Villamayor and Angono Council for Culture and the Arts (ACCA) will pay tribute to its two national artists, Carlos “Botong” Francisco for Visual Arts and Maestro Lucio D. San Pedro for Music, on Monday, March 31.

Botong and San Pedro share the same death anniversary on the said date. Botong died in 1969 and San Pedro in 2002.

The tribute features parade after the morning mass and flower offering at the Angono Catholic Cemetery, painting contest, art exhibit, serenata (concert), poetry reading and Cultural Center of the Philippines- sponsored film showing featuring documentaries on the lives of Angono’s two great sons.

ACCA was the product of the 1st Angono Arts Congress held last month. It serves as the consultative body to the Villamayor administration’ s arts and culture programs and projects. Renowned musician and conductor Prof. Agripino “Nonoy” Diestro and artist Nemi Miranda Jr. serve as the group’s president and adviser, respectively.

ACCA is composed of various Angono artists coming from seven artistic idioms as well as cultural workers and keepers of the town’s traditions and heritage.

Angono, Rizal strives to become the “City of Arts” in the Philippines.

Prof. Agripino “Nonoy” Diestro
Richard R. Gappi


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